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July 6, 2011

Wednesday Web Wanderings – Savvy Authors

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What’s not to love about a site that’s all about writer’s helping writers.  There are classes, opportunties to pitch to agents and editors, blogs on the art and craft of writing.  It’s a means to market and learn about marketing. It’s a place to find new authors to read and new reader for your books.

Their mission statement is: Savvy Authors strives to provide the best tools, classes, and networking opportunities for authors in all stages of their writing careers, from aspiring novelists to multi-published authors.

We at SavvyAuthors are committed to developing a community that embraces:
– Mentoring and sharing of knowledge and expertise among our members.
– Fun and respectful competition in the pursuit of writerly excellence.
– High quality opportunities for publication, promotion and advancement.
– A strong writer’s support network.
– The tools to let each of our members achieve their publication goals.

You can have a basic membership for free (can’t beat that!) and a premium membership for $30, which is also a great deal and gives you discounts on classes and access to special events.  One of my favorite premium membership benefits is the online tools and resources which includes an agent/editor database, blog tour wizard, craft sheets, and a clique finder tool!

A community of supportive writers and tools to make your writing and your career better.  Now that’s a great site!


May 12, 2011

Thursday Favorite Things – Other Writers

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Don't do it alone

I am very blessed. I have a lot of writers in my life.  Several of my closest friends write fiction, as I do, and when I’m going through a frustrating period whether in a new work or in not being able to get anything on the page, they give me support, understanding and a kick in the muse so that I get going again.

I belong to the Essex Writers and Artists Guild in Haverhill, MA.  We are a non-critique (support only) group who meets Thursday nights.  Knowing that they are there to listen to my work or to have the chance to listen to theirs is a comfort and an inspiration.  The emails during the week make me laugh and help me to remember the importance of taking that next step forward.  I do NaNoWriMo with a bunch of them and we go away several times a year on retreat.  It’s wonderful.

I am also a member of the International Women’s Writers Guild, another place of support, encouragement and inspiration.  Their conferences are like a buffet of words and connection.

I’ve met and spoken to writers who are on their own and I can see how hard it is for them.  The internet world does help some to find others and that’s a good thing.  Writing is solitary enough.  We need like minded people, other’s as crazy as we are and who understand our madness.

Where do you get your support?

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