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June 9, 2011

Thursday Favorite Things – Music and my iPod

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I grew with a variety of music around me – classical, opera, rock, broadway musicals – and today I still love all kinds.  When I’m writing music one of the things that helps me to get into my own little world.

Mr. Desplat at work

Since I cannot write to music with words (distracts me from my own) I am a huge fan of movie soundtracks because just as they set the mood for a movie, they do the same for me.  The music from Grindhouse/Planet Terror is great for writing love scenes.  Rachel Portman’s work (Emma, The Cider House Rules, Chocolat) has a lightness and joy which carries me along from scene to scene.  I have an outrageous amount by Alexandre Desplat (including his newest, The King’s Speech). I love the emotion he puts into his music and hope each time I listen to it, that I can put the same into my words. 

In addition to having individual playlists from the movies, I have combined lists of just the composer for Desplat, James Horner, James Newton Howard, Mark Isham, Thomas Newman, Angelo Badalamenti (remember Twin Peaks?)and Danny Elfman (for those funky moods!) 

I have a few favorite New Age playlists that are also wonderful – especially for paranormal and fantasy works.  My newest focus is an old favorite, R Carlos Nakai.  I discovered his music nearly 20 years ago on a trip to Arizona.   Finding him again has been a thrill.

My ipod classic. Love it!

Thank goodness making new playlists and shuffling old ones is easy on my iPod – even my classic one, now over four years old.  I love that I can change my mind, my music and my mood with only a few clicks.

Music definitely allows me to be more productive and I love discovering new music that inspires me.  More and more authors are listing their favorite playlists with their books, on their blogs and acknowledging the groups that inspired them (Stephanie Myers can’t write without the group Muse, isn’t that appropriate?)

Do you have a favorite?


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