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July 5, 2011

Tuesday Tell All – The Act and Art of Writing

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I have about four weeks to finish and submit my mermaid story and make the deadline I agreed to.  28 days.  And many thousands of words to go. But it’s not the words I am focused on as much as having the first draft done as soon as possible because the faster it’s complete, the more time I have for editing.

I know that edit is a four letter word that scares or horrifies many writers, but I’ve never minded it.  A first draft allows me to tell a story.  With edits and revision, I can tell it well. And definitely better than it comes out the first time (or two).

At the International Women’s Writer’s Guild’s annual conference, Remember the Magic, writer and  frequent workshop presenter, Eunice Scarfe, once spoke to us about the act and art of writing.  There can be no art without the act first.  And truly, there can be to act without the desire for the art. I have come to appreciate both sides of this coin.

The sooner the draft is complete, the sooner Lyria and Drew complete the journey this book is to tell, the sooner I can get to editing and polishing and bringing out the heart and wonder of their journey.

So, how is editing for you?  Do you dread it or look forward to it?  Or a little of both?


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