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September 27, 2011

Monday Writer’s Prompt

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How about something short and sweet:

If I had more time and more money I’d….

And while we’re waiting for that time and money, come visit me at the interview I did at Starla Kay’s website:

Have a productive week!


July 27, 2011

Wednesday Wanderings – Vermont

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I get allergic smelling hay

I’m a city mouse.  I used to visit a friend in New Hampshire and when my cell phone lost a signal as I turned onto her street, I’d break out in hives (ok… a little hyperbole, but you understand).  Think of me as Eva Gabor in Green Acres.  “Dahling, I love you, but give me Park Avenue.”

Except every now and then…

tiny capitol

I love to drive north from where I live in Massachusetts and into the incredible beauty that is Vermont. It is so peaceful; so quintessentiallyNew England.  I stop in Waterville and visit Ben and Jerry’s then head into Stow for the Cabot Cheese Annex and the Cold Hollow Cider mill. Montpelier, the smallest state capitol in the US, has two great used bookstores (one called Rivendell!), a New England Culinary Institute cafe and some wonderful shops. And then I head further into the North West Kingdom and the Burlington area.

Chuch St in Burlington

By Vermont standards, I suppose Burlington is a city.  There are shops, restaurants, lots of places to stay and with the University of Vermont in town, a lot of young energy.  But it never feels big or too busy and it never losses that feel of Vermont.  There are plenty of hand-made crafts stores, hiking and all natural based places.  The buses have an attachment ment in the front that allow you to put your bicycle in it.

So, when I have a chance to get away from it all, Vermont is one of my first choices.  It makes the perfect getaway.  And my cell phone always works.

Where do you go to recharge?

June 10, 2011

Friday Bedside Book Review – The Romance Genre

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After seeing some recent nastiness about the genre I choose to write in, I’ve decided to “review” it instead of a book today. I am not certain why people so often blanketly criticize the romance genre.  Not liking a genre is a reason not to buy the books, not make negative comments.  Fiction, by it’s nature and definition, is story telling that is fabricated.  Some is presented more realistically than others (Middlesex  and The Hours blew me away), some complete fantasy.  I think for the most part – romance is nearly complete fantasy and it is a one I adore.
I write within the romance genre (and have been reading it since I was 14) because I love exploring the dynamic of two people who, hopefully, will gain a great deal from being in a relationship together.  I am considered an erotic romance writer because my love scenes are very explicit, longer than average and move the characters (and occasionally the plot) forward.   I enjoy the focus of a book being the relationship, how it grows develops and changes the people involved. For those who dont want that aspect central to what they read – then the genre will likely never be for them, no matter how well written.
I do admit that my characters may fall in love (or lust) quickly, depending on the word count restrictions I am writing to, but falling in love always complicate their lives.  It is the last thing they are looking for at this time.
Are my heroes all good looking.  Yup… this is my fantasy.
Are my heroines beautiful.  Yup… this is my fantasy. They usually have no challenges with their weight (again, my fantasy) but sometimes they do and that’s frequently part of their character’s journey
It is the fantasy that may readers choose and I can tell you keeping a reader interested when she already knows that the end will be happy is a trick in and of itself.

Romance is a genre and a place where some of us find a strong writing voice.  I live with reality and the romance or lack in it.  I want my books to occasionally sweep me away into what doesn’t exist in my life or what I am craving.  I can’t explain to people why I like to read and write romance any more than I can explain why I like sushi.  I just do.

May 25, 2011

Wednesday Wanderings – The library

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I’m a librarians daughter, but even without that I think I would be addicted to libraries.  I love to read; I love to write.  Where else would I go? It’s the next best step after the internet for finding out more on anything that interests you.  When I want to learn about something new or see if something interests me, that’s where I head.

I went to my local public library today with my sons.  I had books to pick up on (spoiler alert) mermaids to do research for my next book.  My elder son, 11, loves watching the food network and travel channel. After making his own homemade rub the other night (and it turned out great!) he wanted to see cookbooks on grilling.  We came home with five huge books. He can’t wait to get started.  My younger son takes out books on special effects and movie making.  Look for him some day in a theater near you.

And it’s not just books.  We take out CDs, DVD’s and Wii games, which is especially good because then we dont end up buying ones we don’t like. 

I love going into the non-fiction stacks looking for one book and finding two more that I wasn’t aware of.  Or walking through the fiction shelves and stopping someplace random to see what catches my eye.  You never know what you will find.

I could spend a day here!

Oh, and then there’s my other favorite thing — the joy of reserving books.  Our local library is part of a consortium of about 15 different libraries and I have access to ALL of their catalogs.  Reserving books on a topic I’m interested in is like shopping without spending.  I put the books on reserve and *poof* they show up at my library.  Somethings come in quickly, like when I’m interested in a topic that’s not trending.  Other things – like new CDs, bestsellers, or DVD’s – are more popular and take weeks to arrive.  And when they do… it’s a special thrill.

For one last practical consideration in the months to come – most of them are air conditioned.  Where can you get out of the house, take the kids, not spend money and get air conditioning.  And everything you do want to bring home is free.

Do you use your local library?

April 13, 2011

Wednesday Wanderings – A real stationery store

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Like many writers, I love office supplies.  Going into Staples makes my heart beat faster. It’s like when my sons go into sporting good stores.  I know what I’m there to buy, but I want to look at everything and I’m almost always keeping a mental list of what I would pick up if I had an unlimited budget.  When I get to the front with my purchases and they ask “Did you find everything you wanted?” I always want to say”Yes, and way too much more.”

As wonderful as these big superstores are, however, they have been the end of the smaller mom & pop stationery stores that I remember from when I was a kid.  There is one that I know remains, The Quill and Press in Acton MA.  Here great pens and papers are side by side with cards, high end stationery, and the best colors of file folders available individually.  Half the store is traditional office supplies, the other is part card store part card store.  And then downstairs is artists supplies.  It’s a paper heaven.

A view inside

Yes, I go to staples a lot – it’s more convenient and generally has better prices.  But when I want to spend an hour or so really browsing – touching, holding and imagining – then places like The Quill and Press are a true haven.

  • Hours: Mon – Fri, 9am – 7pm; Sat, 9am – 5pm; Sun, noon – 5:30pm
  • Handicap Accessible: Shop is wheel chair accessible
  • Founding Date: 1970
  • Payments accepted: American Express, Cash, Debit Card, Discover, MasterCard, Personal Check, Visa
  • Products: gifts, party goods, pens, art supplies, frames, rubber stamps, inks, unique stationery and cards.
  • Services: Gift certificates, Gift wrapping, Shipping
  • ATM: No
  • Public restrooms: Yes
  • Parking: Free lot
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