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June 10, 2011

Friday Bedside Book Review – The Romance Genre

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After seeing some recent nastiness about the genre I choose to write in, I’ve decided to “review” it instead of a book today. I am not certain why people so often blanketly criticize the romance genre.  Not liking a genre is a reason not to buy the books, not make negative comments.  Fiction, by it’s nature and definition, is story telling that is fabricated.  Some is presented more realistically than others (Middlesex  and The Hours blew me away), some complete fantasy.  I think for the most part – romance is nearly complete fantasy and it is a one I adore.
I write within the romance genre (and have been reading it since I was 14) because I love exploring the dynamic of two people who, hopefully, will gain a great deal from being in a relationship together.  I am considered an erotic romance writer because my love scenes are very explicit, longer than average and move the characters (and occasionally the plot) forward.   I enjoy the focus of a book being the relationship, how it grows develops and changes the people involved. For those who dont want that aspect central to what they read – then the genre will likely never be for them, no matter how well written.
I do admit that my characters may fall in love (or lust) quickly, depending on the word count restrictions I am writing to, but falling in love always complicate their lives.  It is the last thing they are looking for at this time.
Are my heroes all good looking.  Yup… this is my fantasy.
Are my heroines beautiful.  Yup… this is my fantasy. They usually have no challenges with their weight (again, my fantasy) but sometimes they do and that’s frequently part of their character’s journey
It is the fantasy that may readers choose and I can tell you keeping a reader interested when she already knows that the end will be happy is a trick in and of itself.

Romance is a genre and a place where some of us find a strong writing voice.  I live with reality and the romance or lack in it.  I want my books to occasionally sweep me away into what doesn’t exist in my life or what I am craving.  I can’t explain to people why I like to read and write romance any more than I can explain why I like sushi.  I just do.


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