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May 25, 2011

Wednesday Wanderings – The library

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I’m a librarians daughter, but even without that I think I would be addicted to libraries.  I love to read; I love to write.  Where else would I go? It’s the next best step after the internet for finding out more on anything that interests you.  When I want to learn about something new or see if something interests me, that’s where I head.

I went to my local public library today with my sons.  I had books to pick up on (spoiler alert) mermaids to do research for my next book.  My elder son, 11, loves watching the food network and travel channel. After making his own homemade rub the other night (and it turned out great!) he wanted to see cookbooks on grilling.  We came home with five huge books. He can’t wait to get started.  My younger son takes out books on special effects and movie making.  Look for him some day in a theater near you.

And it’s not just books.  We take out CDs, DVD’s and Wii games, which is especially good because then we dont end up buying ones we don’t like. 

I love going into the non-fiction stacks looking for one book and finding two more that I wasn’t aware of.  Or walking through the fiction shelves and stopping someplace random to see what catches my eye.  You never know what you will find.

I could spend a day here!

Oh, and then there’s my other favorite thing — the joy of reserving books.  Our local library is part of a consortium of about 15 different libraries and I have access to ALL of their catalogs.  Reserving books on a topic I’m interested in is like shopping without spending.  I put the books on reserve and *poof* they show up at my library.  Somethings come in quickly, like when I’m interested in a topic that’s not trending.  Other things – like new CDs, bestsellers, or DVD’s – are more popular and take weeks to arrive.  And when they do… it’s a special thrill.

For one last practical consideration in the months to come – most of them are air conditioned.  Where can you get out of the house, take the kids, not spend money and get air conditioning.  And everything you do want to bring home is free.

Do you use your local library?


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