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May 20, 2011

Friday Bedside Book Review

Read this book!

There are not enough glowing adjectives for me to describe the incredibly sexy vampire books of Joey W. Hill — but I’ll try. 

Vampire Mistress is the fourth of Ms. Hill’s vampire books I’ve read and it is as moving, intense and erotic as the others.  For those who’ve read The Vampire Queen’s Servant and The Mark of the Vampire Queen, Gideon is the brother of Jacob Green (the hero of those novels and of an upcoming third book, Bound by the Vampire Queen – Dec 2011).  If ever there was a character less likely to commit himself to a vampire, it’s the tortured Gideon.  And if ever there were an author who could make his journey believable – it’s Ms. Hill.

Gideon is looking for release at the BDSM club, Atlantis, run by the sexy and intuitive domme Anwyn Naime.  When she is turned into a vampire in an act of violence and vengence (because of her friendship with the vampire Daegan Rei), Gideon finds himself in a situation that will rip his emotional foundation apart, only to put it back stronger than ever.  His journey, along with Anwyn and Daegan is riviting and wrenching.

And did I mention how sexy it is?  OMG – not to be cliche, but this book deserves a warning label.  Few writers can match Ms. Hill for her ability to maintain a consistently high level of sensuality even when she’s not writing a love/sex scene.  The book is erotic ALL THE TIME, not only when there is something physical going on. 

..then read this one!

There is a second book to Gideon’s story, Vampire Trinity, which I cannot wait to read.  Also coming this year, along with the previously mentioned Jacob and Lyssa story, is a second in the vampire Daniella’s story, Vampire Instinct, which is being released in July.  That should keep the summer hot.

If you like paranormal romance, and you like your romance *hot*, you cannot go wrong with a novel from the Vampire Queen series by Joey W. Hill.

Which authors immediately go to the top of your to-be-read pile?


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