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May 9, 2011

Monday Writer’s Prompts – Arrivals

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This weekend spring finally made a real arrival in New England.  Not only was the day warm, but when the wind blew, it was warm as well.  For the past few weeks it was comfortable out *until* the wind blew.  Then we were all running for coats again.

I’m expecting another arrival today – my new Droid 2 phone.  I’m very excited to have my first smart phone and I’m wondering what apps and things I’m going to want on it.  I piced the Droid 2 over the Droid X because the smaller size felt better in my hand and I like having a realy QWERTY keypad in addition to the touch screen.

Orion - freshly brushed

Our family had two new arrivals recently – cats!  Orion (an 8-year-old Maine Coon) and Lily (a

Lily - a cell phone pic

shy 6-year-old silver tabby) joined our family a few weeks ago and already it feels as though they’ve been here forever. 

So that’s the writer’s prompt for today –  What arrival are you (or your character) looking forward to?  What recently arrived in your life that changed things?  Or what arrival would throw you/your character for a complete loop?

Have a wonderful and productive week.


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