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April 19, 2011

Tuesday Tell All – And yet…

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I am really glad that I am keeping to my writing schedule of at least 500 words a day, and even spending this week with family in New Jersey I expect to be able to keep that going.

And yet…

Although the overall word count of the manuscript continues to increase, it doesn’t feel like enough.  I find myself focusing more on how much more is still to go.  I’m at that point in the manuscript where I am definitely committed to it.  I like my hero and heroine and the journey the heroine must go on to have her happily ever after. I know most of the candy bar scenes (thanks to Holly Lisle for this tool – and what it will take to get to the dark moment and the happy ending.

And yet…

There are days when I sit at the computer and even though the words come, it feels hard.  The writing is choppy.  There’s too much passive voice.  Too much telling and not showing.  Too many weak words. 

Yes, it’s a first draft and I need to get through the whole thing before editing, polishing and making it truly readable, but there are times when the inner editor is awfully loud.  And times when the inner critic is even louder (“You sure you’re up for another pass from your editor?”)

And yet…

I keep writing.

I hope you do to.  What are your tricks for moving forward even when it feels hard?


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