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April 5, 2011

Tuesday Tell All – Wish it could happen faster sometimes

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My 500 word-a-day goal is going well.  I wrote over 2,000 words last week and GUARDED HEART is not only getting longer, but I’m seeing more of where the characters are and where they need to go, specifically my heroine.  But there are days I wish the total was getting higher faster.  I dont necessarily want to write more – but I want more results.  Does that make sense?

I am liking my heroine alot which is important. My focus always starts with my heroine and what she needs to learn to have happiness/love/success in her life.  Sometimes the hero is not what she wants when the story starts, but, knowingly or not, he will help lead her to what she needs.

In GUARDED HEART, Chloe needs to begin to trust herself, her instincts and her ability to have a good relationship with a man.  Her mother’s relationships never lasted and Chloe has a physcially abusive relationship in her background.  Her increased self confidence needs to extend out to her romantic relationships and the reader will see this happen for her over the course of the book.

What leads you into your story or your characters?

Hope your wordcounts are growing too!


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