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March 29, 2011

Tuesday Tell All – Rolling Along

There’s something wonderful about  getting a little done every day (although why I can’t seem to apply this knowledge to the process of getting to a healthy weight is beyond me).  My goal has been to write at least 500 new words on GUARDED HEART each day, and I have.  *POOF* the manuscript is more than 2,500 words longer.

Added to that are the words I wrote this weekend on my writers group retreat, and the book has a nice solid foundation to keep me moving forward.

There are two tools I  credit with being able to move a book forward.  One, is Debra Dixon’s book GOAL MOTIVATION CONFLICT.  This book is possibly the best $20 I’ve every spent on my career. These are three must haves for your main characters, and Debra shows you how to develop then, use them, and  know if you have enough to write a fully fleshed out novel.  Sometimes I fill out my GMC charts before I start the book, other times I start writing and then go back to see if I know the answers to chart.  Either way – I dont finish without it.  In addition, when I edit, I make sure every scene is related to the hero or the heroine’s GMC.  Otherwise – the scene is tossed.

My other “mentor” is Holly Lisle ( Holly gives new meaning to “paying it forward” with all she’s learned and discovered about writing and the writing process.  From her mini-plot class I use the idea of making a list of “candy bar” scenes for my hero and heroine.  These are those yummy scenes you can’t wait to write.  As the list builds I can start to see the best parts of the novel taking shape and come up with ideas for how to get to each of those scenes.  It’s very helpful.

Wishing you all a great writing week.  What techniques and devices have you learned that work for you?


March 25, 2011

Friday – Bedside Book Review – Uglies

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Book One - start here

I have come late to Uglies party, since they have been out for quite a while, but this series by Scott Westerfeld is wonderful.  Tally is an exciting and likeable heroine and even if her world is fantasical, it is also familiar.  The driving desire of a nearly sixteen year old to be pretty and fit in is timeless.  The fact that this society has determined that looking a certain way leads to less violence and more piece is frightening in it’s possibility.

Much of the first book reminded me of a “Twilight Zone” episode entitled “Number Twelve Looks Just Like You” where every one chooses at around 16 what they will look like forever.  The choices are limited and one young woman doesn’t want to go through the change which not only leaves her looking like everyone, but thinking like them as well.

When Talley leaves her world to meet the people of Smoke, readers experienceher waffle between what she was told to do, what she’s always wanted (to be Pretty), and her new knowledge and feelings.  It is an unforgetable ride.  (Speaking of which – you are SO going to want a hoverboard!)

This looks tempting after I'm done with the series

I immediately read the next book “Pretties” and the third book in the series, “Specials” is on it’s way in the mail.  Initially planned as a trilogy, Westerfield added “Extras” to the series when he discovered there was more to tell.  I am looking forward to reading more of Tally and her friends and what, ultimately, becomes of their world.

This series is on my keeper shelf.

March 24, 2011

Thursday Favorite Things – My pens

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Sorry for missing yesterday.  Car repairs – and recovering from the cost – took up most of the day.  Makes it nice to jump into Thursday things I love.  It’s a much better place to focus.

Most writers have their favorite tools, things that help them to be more creative, more productive.  The UNIBALL JET STREAM – BOLD pen is my must have.  It writes sooooooooooo smoothly.  I can tell the difference with any other pen I use and I have yet to find another that I like as much.

Best pen ever!

For the life of me, I can’t remember when or how I discovered them.  It was probably an accident.  I’ve always been a bit of a pen and stationery addict (common among writers, I’ve heard).  I always tried new pens and I assume I came across this one.  And fell in love. 

I was so used to fine points before this, which I never particularly liked, that, I think, using a bold point made a huge difference.  It’s a cap pen which always confuses people when I hand them one to try.  They try to click it :).  After they try it, I usually have to wrestle it back.

Gimme! Gimme!

When I find it it comes in two- and four-packs of black, and four-packs of a variety (2 black, 1 blue, 1 red). Since I, of  course, live in fear of Uniball discontinuing this particular pen, I buy them almost whenever I see them, and keep a stockpile in my pen holder.

What’s your favorite writing tool?

March 22, 2011

Tuesday Tell All – Moving forward

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I will never understand how I can write over 1,500 words a day in November for Nanowrimo and then change to it being a challenge for the months after.  Fortunately, after a few weeks of starts and stops I am back on the road to writing consistently.  I’m thrilled to have hit my word count every day for the last several days.  It may not sound like a lot, but it feels big.

I am currently working on a contemporary for a new multiauthor series. My story is called GUARDED HEART and my heroine is a woman who is making a new life for herself after an abusive relationship left her scarred physically and emotionally.  I’m enjoying telling Chloe’s story.

Going to write here!

I’m even more excited that this weekend I’m heading to the Lake  Winnipesaukee area for a writing retreat with 11 other writers.  It is always so good to get away and focus on writing.  I’m sure by the end of the weekend I’ll have many more thousand words complete.

How’s your work going?

March 21, 2011

Monday Writer’s Prompt – Late one night

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Sorry to have been absent from the blog world for a while.  Life has a way of distracting.  However, I’m back on track (in part thanks to and ready to move forward in all areas of my life.

Today’s writing prompt comes from a children’s book my son read in school one day. I thought it was a great way to start a story, even if you don’t keep the opening words:

.. a box fell from the sky

Late one night

With no one in sight

A box fell from the sky


Hope you have fun with it and have a great week!

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