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February 15, 2011

Tuesday Tell All – Recommitment

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So on Tuesdays I own up to where I am, where I am not yet and where I am aiming to be by next week.

And, honestly, since Nanowrimo in November, I have not been as consistent in writing as I want (and hoped) to be.  It’s scary/sad/eye opening to realize that if I wrote 1,000 words a day Monday – Friday in the 10 weeks since Nanowrimo ended… I’d have 50,ooo words done.  Now, of course, they would still need lots of editing, but at least they would be commited to the paper.  PROVE IT ALL NIGHT would be a complete draft.

Yup – eye opening.

So as I recommit to myself, I put it out there to all of you as well that Monday through Friday – or more – I will write a minumum of 1,000 new words on a current project.  Of which I have three.

1) PROVE IT ALL NIGHT – paranormal romance

2) GUARDED HEART – erotic contemporary romance

3) WIZARD OF OZ – non fiction essay book

I realized several years ago that focusing on only one project at a time isn’t necessarily effective for me.  Yes, there comes a point where the manuscript develops a life of it’s own and like a powerful whirlpool sucks me in deeper and deeper, but until that point, I’m better if I’m working on more than one manuscript.  And it’s even better if they are in somewhat different genres.

Next week’s tell all should mention the 5,000 new words I’ve done as well as any other progress I’ve made.  If there is one thing successful published authors agree on it’s the importance of writing every day.  It’s a habit I’ve had and let go of at different times in my life.  I want to move my writing and publishing career to the next level.  It needs to be a habit now and forever.

Any habits that are working for you?  How about ones you want to change?


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